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Anastasiya Petryshak

alessandro pisano · April 03, 2021 · News · 0 comments
My first project for 2021
Production of a video “Salut D`amour” of Anastasiya Petryshak
The meeting with the great artist “Anastasiya Petryshak” happened by chance.
After uploading my video on social platform
The artist “Anastasiya Petryschak” contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in making a video, and so our collaboration began.

Realizzazione del Video Salut D’amour di Anastasya Petryshak
Location : Zurigo ZunfThaus Zur Waag
Violinista : Anastasiya Petryshak
Pianist: Lorenzo Meo
Film Director : Alessandro Pisano
Assistant Director : Fabiola De Giacomo

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